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Genius Style Tips For Casual Party Dressing For You

Casual parties are informal parties but the dressing code needs to be suitable, realistic, and exiting. Casual parties include bachelorette bashes, bridal showers, barbecue get-togethers, re-unions, and birthday parties. It is crucial that the attire you pick keeps you comfortable throughout the event. The style you employ must reflect the timing of the party. Sophisticates, elegant, and fun casual summer dresses are suitable during daytime parties while dramatic, glamorous, and sexy silhouettes do great at night parties.

Try shorts:

Shorts were initially designed for iconic people who love to have fun. The different styles and length options are meant to fit into different personality styles. You can maintain a casual look in a lightweight and soft material that offers a small space at the thighs. Tight shorts with flashy embellishments should be avoided. They should also be long enough as short shorts look trashy. If you are attending the party during daytime at the beach, look for gladiator sandals. You may consider ballet flats or lace-up oxford shoes for an afternoon bash. These shoes are quite comfortable. During the night, think around boots, pumps, wedges, or ankle-strapped heels for a more feminine look.

Sparkle at night:

Glitz at night do justice and can take you a long way. A sequined long casual dress is best tones with a cashmere sweater. If you have a glittery top, find perfect jeans to match it. For low keys, consider soft hues.

Befriend Denim:

Denims are comfy and versatile. They will offer you myriad accessory options. In a casual party, nobody will question your style when you choose denim jeans. If you want that perfect chic look, put on a cropped blazer, pumps, or boots. This will have everyone turning their heads on your fierce look. To top the style up, get a bright clutch and match to the party. The commonest combination is usually the jacket-jeans style. Tailored jackets beef up day-to-day jeans. Toy can have a sexy camisole inside the denims.

Long sleeve tee:

T-shirts are versatile. You will find them in the gym, under dressing, in bed because their usefulness is life-long. Long sleeved tees are good to go with jeans.

Dress Supremacy:

At any party, you will never be offside with a dress. For any length, design, or hue, casual dresses for women are always stylish. You need a design that’s accessory-friendly, sexy, and graceful. Choose good pairing pieces like denim jacket, hat, necklace, scarf, and clutch. Almost any shoe style complements a casual dress.

All black attire:

This style is classic especially when it involves black pants and top. Such a slimming silhouette passes for dressy. For a luxurious look, assimilate different fabrics e.g. woolen pants and satin blouse.

Flattery top:

Tops are the first things that capture the attention of onlookers. If you want to create a statement, choose a slinky. Examples of sexy tops are strappy tanks and embellished blouses. A flattery top makes a plain trouser, skirt or jeans glamorous.

De-fancied frock:

Women must always have in their closets that favorite gown for almost any occasion. A little black dress is a good example of such an outfit. The good thing with black dress is that you can wear it repeatedly without anybody noticing as long as you use different accessories every time you have it. For instance, you can throw a casual jacket and put on heels on one occasion and then on a later date use flat shoes and sweater.

Here Fast on the Clothing of the Future

With social media in our everyday lives and smartphones in our hands, the fashion industry’s business model is changing to a see now-buy now assembly line, says. Consumers are clamoring for immediate purchasing of runway clothing.

Only 10 years ago, this access to the fashion industry was unheard of. Either consumers had to buy tickets to fashion shows, read about it in the morning’s paper, or watch it online as Harper’s Bazaar states.

Not anymore!

The Catwalk and Phones
Smartphones dominate the front row of every catwalk, bringing consumers to fashion shows, virtually. From their homes, they receive images through Snapchat and Instagram of the behind-the-scenes creation of cutting-edge designs. They watch as innovation is revealed through live streams, according to

By the time these revolutionary designs hit the stores no one wants them!

Immediate Availability

To keep up with consumer’s insatiable hunger many large companies are making their clothes available the same day as the fashion show. A day after at the latest.

Harper’s Bazaar says some designers already moving to this model are Michael Kors and Proenza Schouler. Their core pieces were available after New York Fashion Week of 2016.

And yet, others are rallying against this fast-fashion shift. François-Henri Pinault, representative of Kering, the parent company of “Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga”, and Ralph Toledano, the captain of France’s fashion, announced in WWD that they will use the current system.

But in our world of instant gratification, there’s no time for slow. Fast is the only fashion that stays in style.

This speed-of-thought business model may be able to be picked up by larger companies, but for smaller companies doing two separate presentations will be a struggle, says Harper’s Bazaar.

Indeed, it may be impossible.

Technology and Retail

Many companies, such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Target have already rolled out a visual search. This software helps shoppers find items using “color, shape, size, and proportions”, according to The consumer only needs to take a picture of the item and the app will find a similar product. With increased click-through rates and a return of investment for companies, visual search technology is unlikely to go out of style.

3D Body Scanners

Another breakthrough technology is virtual fitting rooms and 3D body scanners. These advancements will reduce a lot of returns. Much to the relief of retail stores, 3D body scanners allow users to virtually try on clothing, using avatars. No longer will they have to ask, “Will this fit?” They’ll know before pressing “buy” on their phones.

Machine Learning

Isn’t it amazing how technology can predict what you want, even before you know you want it?

This ability is through machine learning. It’s used to provide suggestions and notify consumers of upcoming products based on what they have searched for before.

Using this technology is like hooking your brain up to your phone and subconsciously window-shopping.

In the future, what do you think the fashion industry will look like?

Women’s Fashion Trends for This Summer

Summer is almost here, and many of us are ready to update our wardrobes for the warmer weather. No one wants to be caught wearing outdated fashion. Follow our tips for what will be hot in women’s fashion for summer 2017 so that you can stay on trend.

1. Slogan Tees

Given the heavily charged political atmosphere around the world, it is no surprise that t-shirts emblazoned with slogans will be popular this year. These don’t have to be your typical, cheap graphic tee, as even major fashion houses like Dior are getting into the t-shirt game this year. You aren’t limited to controversial political slogans, either. You can also choose tees sporting fashion logos, such as those that have been seen on the catwalk from Gucci and Moschino.

2. Ruffles

Ruffles have already been spotted in many spring 2017 collections, and they are slated to be just as hot this summer. From long, flowing flounces to tinier frills that accent a collar or placket, expect to see this trend everywhere. Don’t feel like you have to be super-girly to try out this trend, though. Designers like Alexander McQueen are fashioning ruffles out of leather and in more punk-like styles to appeal to a wider audience.

3. Clashing Colors

Gone are the days of monochromatic dressing, at least for the upcoming season. This summer, you will see much more color, and it will be mixed in new and surprising ways. Think mint and mulberry, hot pink and purple, and bright orange with maroon. It seems that almost any combination is fair game these days, and the looks come together shockingly well. So, don’t be afraid to put together your favorite colors this summer, even if they don’t traditionally match.

4. Athleisure

While athletic clothing as everyday wear is not necessarily a new trend, it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, this trend seems to be heating up for the summer 2017 season. Activewear is getting a bit of an update in the form of luxury embellishments this year, though. You will see items like tracksuits adorned with crystal accents, or athletic tops with stylish laser cutouts. Expect to see the clashing color trend expanded to include activewear, as well. Unfortunately, this year’s athleisure lines appear to be re-introducing bike shorts for everyday wear, too. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

5. Stripes

Stripes of every sort are set to be big this summer. You can choose from pinstripes to thick stripes in every color combination and variation: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Sticking with the mix and match trend, expect to see stripes paired with contrasting, clashing stripes, or with other non-matching patterns and colors. With the wide variety of stripe available to choose from, you can choose to be as subtle or daring as you please.

Above all, the rules for summer 2017 fashion appears to be that there are no rules. Choose what you like, and don’t be afraid to experiment. This year, it’s all about what makes you feel good when you wear it.

Tips and Tricks to wear hair extensions

Hair extensions are something I never thought I would need, ever. That is until I decided to go from long dark brown hair to platinum blonde. After colouring my hair, it felt completely dead and the only thing I could do to resolve the issue was to cut it off. “Your hair will grow back and you can always get extensions” my hairdresser told me. After 10 minutes of convincing, I agreed to let her cut my hair past my shoulders.

I am completely in love with this new style however, with a few weddings coming up, I am missing my long hair. I have never needed to wear hair extensions before and had no idea what I needed to be looking for. After extensive research and 3 hairdressers later, I finally found the perfect hair extensions for me and finally figured out how to wear them. There a few things I wish I knew first!

Types of hair extensions:
The first decision I was facing was what type of hair extensions I want to wear. There are a number of extension types which include, clip-ins, beaded, tape and glued. Not really knowing the difference I was forced to research the best types for my hair.
Clip-in – These are great because you have the option to do them at home and can take them out after your night out. You may need to watch some YouTube tutorials to get them in and how to get them to sit nicely.
Taped – Tape in extensions last around 6 weeks if cared for properly. They are pretty good if you regret your hair cut decision. You can attempt to do it at home but I would recommend getting a hairdresser to do it for you.
Glued – Gluing can be a little messy but is relatively fast and lasts around 6-8 weeks. It will need to be done by a professional and can become a little costly.
Beaded – This is another great solution to the hair extension crisis. This gets attached near the roots and grows with your hair. The beads get clipped in by a professional and sealed in place.
Weaved – Getting your hair weaved is a nice solution to getting your hair extensions put it. Your hairdresser will weave it in like a braid to your hair. It can hurt a little according to online articles but lasts a long time. You will need to have it redone once the weave grows to far down with your hair. Having it done depends on how fast your hair grows.

Blending your extensions:
Most importantly, make sure you blend your hair extensions. It may be as simple as getting the extensions cut to the length you want and making sure it is styled to your hair. Sometimes you may find that you will need to dye the extensions too. For this, make sure you order real Remy human hair extensions so that way they can be coloured. My Dollywood extensions were a little more yellow than my now hair colour so I had to bleach them and add a toner. Most of the extensions will need to be cut to size as they generally come in at around 20-22inches. My hair is too short to pull this length off but it would look great if your hair is already longer.

Overall I like the option to have long and short hair when I want it. I thought cutting my hair would be the end of the world but I’m actually loving the convenience of styling my hair how I want it. I was torn between clip-ins extensions and weaving. I decided to go with Clip ins, as they work best for me but I know plenty of people who swear by the other methods. Just try something that suits you and your lifestyle best and what you have time to care for. Enjoy your long healthy hair again!

Information Redefine Elegance with Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

It is very important to find chic ball gown wedding dresses after you have acceded to your man’s proposal. All women deserve to look glam on their wedding day. The memories that are left on this day are treasured throughout life. A party wedding gown can be the best thing around to mark the beginning of an auspicious life with your loved one. So, have you planned as to what kind of wedding dress that you are going to get? Various stylish wedding gowns are available, but then you are only required to choose one which suits your style. The dresses align your shape and accentuate your femininity.

Choose Your Favorite Wedding Gown

When you wear the dress, you will find that it has made a stunning transformation to your look. Every breath you take makes you feel like a princess. You’re on top of the world. It is very important to be open-minded about the latest designs that are trending in the fashion industry. While purchasing your bridal dress, it is something that makes sense. Actually, you should not omit the ball gown wedding dresses. Compared to the sexy and delicate halter wedding gowns, the ball gown wedding dress seems a tad conservative. However, it will be tough for you to find another collection from the present day bridal wear which is more gorgeous.

The attraction and appeal of the ball gown wedding dresses had started when Queen Victoria mesmerized her people with an elegant ball gown dress. The appeal of the ball gown dress has not diminished since. Now if you are wondering whether such a dress is suited to your body type, let us tell you that the bride is the star throughout her nuptial. No matter what she wears, people are going to look at her. But then, no bride will be keen to wear something that is plain and outdated.

Ball gown bridal dresses are definitely styles which top the shopping list of modern girls. A bodice containing lavish ruffle, ribbon, beading, embroidery or floral embellishments can be suitably paired with a fluffy dress that swerves out at the waistline. Various styles of ball gown wedding dresses are available, in simple design, but looking absolutely ravishing and ornate. Fashion freaks make use of understated themes for appreciation of beauty. This is something that a lot of designer labels recognize and provide to their select audiences.

Even if the looks, trends and patterns in the ball gown wedding dresses change, some elements such as the elegance of this style will never decline. With the emerging trends of low pitched motifs, designers seem to abandon the extravagant accessories to replace them with something exquisite, chic and strikingly attractive. The modern bridal gowns are characterized with sexy, yet graceful necklines without overdoing the sensual part. The bodices and fluffed dresses present fluent lines that greatly enhance the female body shape and glam up her looks. For all those who have not yet put on one of these ball wedding gowns, it is high time to don the diva look for your special occasion to sweep your guests off their feet.

Do You Know Cool Airsoft Masks Protect Your Head

Airsoft masks are designed to ensure that you are properly protected when playing the paintball game. They are made to protect your face against any object which might hit you during play. There

are varieties of these protective head gear available from the Airsoft Company. The most common is the full face type. It is made to protect the entire face from being hit by any external object.

The following are some of the distinct features found in most of these popular head gear.

The masks are fitted with a lens. These lenses enable a good vision during play. Thermal lens are the most popular types found in many of the head gear. Thermal lens are simply two lenses which are

separated by air. The air separating the two lenses is important as it prevents fogging from occurring. Moreover, the lenses are fitted at right angle of 120 degrees. This is a good design as one

needs not to turn their head to view objects or opponents. The design simply provides a wider view. This is enough view for any one playing paintball game.

Padding is an important feature in the design of the masks. The foam padding inside the head gear is comfortable to the face. The foam has no corners which might bring the feeling of being uneasy.

It makes your face feel comfortable as you engage your opponents in a paintball game.

The masks come in different colors. Black, Red, green and even violet color types are all available at request. The colors are very important during a paintball game. They will prevent you from

being spotted by your opponents. For instance green headgear is ideal while playing in the green fields. Your opponent will not be able to spot you easily.

The headgear is made to fit to your face very well. It comes with a number of point straps which are adjustable to perfectly fit in your head. They do so without pinching or pressing your head.

They guarantee a good feeling while at the paintball battle field. You will be able to run, jump and move about without fear that the mask will loosen up and fall down.

Venting is another important aspect in found in the headgear. The mask is designed with proper ventilation to enable one to breathe easily when playing. Moreover, the ventilation is important as it

helps one communicate well. The masks have removable as well as adjustable panels for ventilation. This makes it possible for one to adjust the level of ventilation they want.

The need for maximum Protection is very important in paintball gaming. The mask come with extra features which are all aimed at ensuring that you are thoroughly protected. These features include

extended ear pieces, chin extensions and so forth. All these extra features are built with precision and do not add unnecessary weight to this important headgear

The Airsoft masks are durable. They are made from the strongest materials like the fiberglass used in cars and ships. They are too strong. Their strength can only be compared to a hockey stick.

They are able to last for a long time. Moreover, they are readily affordable and available in most shops which sell gaming merchandise.

This A Perfect Dress for All South Asian Women

The South Asian outfit that stands next in fame because of its wide range of designs. No doubt most of the Indian women prefer to wear Salwar Kameez rather than Saree. Moreover it very easy to carry it for various occasions and it presents stylish statement. You really look high class and admirably beautiful in Salwar Kameez. This trend has emerged in the women to parade their curves in smart filled Salwar Kameez.

Before the wearing Salwar Kameez it is considered important to select the charming designs and different types of work like dabka, stone work and embroidery designs. For modern and stylish outfits ribbon and tissue work has played vital role and also has created magic in fashion world. Color range for such dresses is not limited but wide.

Salwar Kameez is also prepared according to the occasions that is always available in the Asian market from low to high price depending on the cloth quality and professional work performed while preparing such a beautiful outfit.

Bridal Salwar Kameez in an important suit that is only wear on wedding ceremony and there are a lot of thing kept in mind while choosing a outfit for the bride. The material should meet the body tone of the bride. Often Dabka, Kundan,Zari and thread work are considered best for the bridal suits.

There some types of Salwar Kameez that we will discuss below step by step

Designer Salwar Kameez- In this type of women outfit fabric is used with best shades and Indian professional art is one main aspect of this type of Salwar Kameez. To talk about fabrics means that you are discussing array of Velvet, Brocade, Silk , Chiffon and many more. If you want to wear Salwar Kameez, there is open choice for you to select from these Anarkali, Short salwar Kameez, Designer Salwar Kameez etc.

Mehendi Salwar Kameez- Mehendi is a special function in India the often celebrated a day before the wedding. Special outfits for men and women are prepared keeping in mind the color, design and fashion. Often the salwar kameez for mehendi are designed with embroidery, gota kinari or plain. Today most of the modern Mehendi Salwar Kameez Designs are designer mehendi anarkali suit, designer mehendi churidar suits etc.

Wedding Salwar Kameez- This is one of the important outfits that are worn on wedding day. Often people spend too much on this suit as they think that it is worn once in the life and this is also called memorial suit of newly married pair. It is very desire of every one to look attractive in this Salwar Kameez. The most popular categories or the outfits are wedding Anarkali suit, wedding embroidery suit, Indian wedding salwar kameez etc.

Sangeet Salwar kameez- In sangeet ceremony it is desire of every one too look attractive. Modern sangeet salwar kameez are sangeet Indian Salwar kameez, Sangeet Pakistani Salwar kameez, embroidered designer Sangeet salwar Kameez etc.

Culture Clothing Stores is one of the prominent online stores that is offering all sorts of Asian women dresses especially salwar kameez. This online shop is pioneer of new designs with classic stuff at a price that is in your range. We are also offering free shipping facility within the U.K.

What Things to Know Before Going for Hair Extension Courses

If you are in a way of attending the Hair Extension trainings or course, then there are some vital facts that should be known before starting with them. Knowing these can help to let you see a significant change in your Hair Extension for sure.

How is the training center?
Before deciding where to go for learning hair extensions, you should primarily short list some good classes offering it. After shortlisting the training centers, be sure to choose the one who has good expertise and experience in this, and earning money is not the only motto of them. And, also be sure to see whether the training center is approved one or not.

How long the training will take place?
Before pursuing the classes from such institutes you should be aware of the actual duration these classes will take. There are some classes who takes only few days to complete the hair extension training, while the other takes weeks. So, know it and schedule your time accordingly.

How is the Trainer?
Before attending classes, know whether your trainer is a qualified one or not. It is the trainer only who is responsible for your successful completion of the training.

How many students per class?
There are a few organizations that may provide the private courses, where only a single person is trained at a time. You are going to be the only one in class who will be will taught about the extensions by the coach. But, in case you believe you are not going to lose your focus even in the existence of other people, then you can prefer attending the course in combined classes. But, you must ensure that you just do that before the start of your Hair Extension Courses.

What tools will be used?
Hair extension is one of such courses that can’t be learnt and completed without the practical knowledge. So, if you are going through the practical training during the classes, then you should be well familiar with the tools that are going to be involved during the training. Some of the most widely used tools for hair extensions are mannequin heads, clips, etc.

Is there any exam to pass?
There are many institutes where giving theoretical or practical examination is essential to get certified in the hair extension course. It’ll act as a proof that you had successfully taken this course and is certified. Thus, you have to prepare for such examinations, and also for the successful completion of training.

Will there be any live projects?
Know whether the training center is providing you the facility to work on some good live projects or not. Because practical knowledge is very important to get perfect to something.

Adios and Cheerio!!!!! I am Stephen Carr and I stay at London from the last few years. My first and foremost interest have always been in hair extension and I really love this from my childhood and I have a special kind of attachment for them. I like this field to be safe and be hassle free and for that reason I have started this business and I finally succeeded in it and I am loving my business and planning it to expand it in a proper way.

Shorts For Men and How Do We Choose The Right

Shorts really are a summer time favourite. Buy it’s interesting to understand that of all the boys that patronise shorts because the go-to summer season clothing, many of them are vulnerable to making the wrong decision. Men’s shorts could be a versatile and absolutely comfortable outfit, but when worn incorrectly, it will take your individual fashion several notches lower. Hiding behind layers of clothes are easy. Tugging off a summer time outfit is every bit hard. Here’s some guidance for you personally master the skill of searching great in a set of shorts.

Mind The Space

The key facet of shorts for males may be the length. You put on it underneath the knee also it becomes something similar to Bermuda shorts. You put on it way too short also it begins to resemble swimming trunks. Getting the size of shorts right is hard. Nevertheless the rule is fairly simple: tall guys ought to keep it simply over the knee while short guys should put on it a couple of inches over the knee. But regardless of your height, you have to always attempt to stay with an overall length that flatters your physique.

Select A Material That Breathes

Men’s shorts online can be found in a number of fabrics however, you should select the one which provides you with probably the most comfort throughout the torrid summer time. The best choice could be cotton or linen, or any other blends which are comfortable enough to become worn in summer time. Be cautious while selecting a cloth, just because a synthetic or non-material that breathes won’t provide you with discomfort but may also result in breakouts.

Try Your Shorts Before Purchasing Them

Most men spend considerable time within their shorts during summer time, which requires you to test each pair before you purchase them. You have to select a slim fit rather than something which clings for your legs, and check out walking, sitting, and standing to make certain body and size are correct. If you discover it too tight or hot, you may want to search for another size and fabric.

Stay With Flattering Styles

Rather than testing out men’s printed shorts or loud colours simply because they are extremely popular, it’s recommended to stay with something which you are much more comfortable in. You will find 100s of various types of men’s shorts available for sale, and which you purchase depends in your physique as well as your level of comfort. If you are comfortable inside a looser fit and neutral colours, then stay with it. If you are more into experimentation, then you are liberated to proceed and check out the various types of shorts available on the web.

You will be spending much of your summer time- inside or outdoors- inside your shorts. Just a little care when purchasing a brand new pair would provide you with the ultimate comfort and also the most flattering look!

Attachshopping is a stop place to go for men fashion online, and you’ll discover trendy, stylish and timeless designer clothing. Browse lots of shorts for males online within a few minutes and pay securely online .

The Bob is Controversial Hair Fashion

In American culture, the most controversial hair fashion began in the the 1920s. At the center of this historical great debate in hair fashion is the hairstyle famously known as “the bob”. This haircut was first introduced during the Great War and would go on to define and revolutionise women’s haircut forever.

The Beginnings

In 1915, there was a castle named “Castle Bob”. It was named after a celebrated famous ballroom dancer called Irene Bob. At the time, she styled her hair with a blunt cut that was level with the bottom of her ears around her head for convenience. Little did she expect that she would forever be associated with a revolution in 20th-century hair fashion with the rise of the famous hairstyle “the bob”. This was the first trigger that eventually led to the short hair trend.

The Change

“The bob” was worn either with bangs or with the hair brushed off the forehead. It was a very simple look but a very different one from the traditional long feminine looks created by Gibson and Marcel. It was commonly known that when a woman had her hair cut short, she grew bolder and began to become more rebellious in what she wear and do. The free-spirited youth at that time readily accept the new look as something fresh and bold which coincides with the major change in societal norms and values during the 1920s. On May 1, 1920, F.Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” was published in the Saturday Evening Post. It was about the heroics of a young woman who submit to the barber’s shears and transform into a smooth-talking vamp. Many young women at that time regarded her as a role model and wanted to be like her.

Fashion & media

By 1921, the fashion and media industry began to take notice of this new hairstyle. They began to embrace “the bob” with fashion designer “Coco” Chanel and actresses Clara Bow and Louise Brooks leading the way as example. Soon, young women everywhere took the plunge and began bobbing their hair.

Trends and fears

Women of all ages began to soon find themselves having to face the decision on whether to follow the trend and bob their hair or remain with long hair. Many women were afraid that the long hair would quickly become popular again after they bobbed their hair. Many professional hair publications also predicted an immediate return to long hair.

Women takeover

It is hard to imagine but at that time, cutting-of-hair was still a male-dominated occupation. Long-lines of women were standing patiently outside barbershops waiting for their turn to be bobbed. At first, professional hairdressers refused to accept “the bob”. However, after losing many clients and profits to barbers, many hairdressers were slowly being forced into accepting “the bob”. With the participation of the hairdressers, more sophisticated versions of “the bob” were introduced with waved or shingled styles.


There are many controversies surrounding “the bob”. In New Jersey, a teacher was ordered by her Board of Education to let her hair grow. Preachers warned that “a bobbed woman is a disgraced woman.” There are even men who divorced their wives over bobbed hair. One large department store also fired all employees wearing bobbed hair.

Rise of Beauty Industry

As difficult as it is to imagine, the bobbed hair fashion started or at least boosted the start of the beauty industry. From 5,000 to 21,000 hairdressing shops in 5 years, the beauty industry boomed. Bobbing also has led to the adoption of other aids to personal adornment, resulting in flourishing beauty shops everywhere.